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Fundamentals, Like Brushing Teeth

Its amazing how much you learn by listening or opening up your thought process for growth. I was working with one of my older athletes and we were in the middle of a footwork and transition drill. I like to give our athletes some responsibility and hold them accountable in understanding feedback so I asked where he thought he should focus his concentration during our session. He then answered that he wanted to spend most of the time working on our advance techniques because he felt he was solid on his fundamentals.

At that very moment something hit me. I then asked a series of questions to reaffirm what I was thinking... "Have you ever had a friend or known someone whose breath was just a little tart or flat out STUNK? How often do you brush your teeth? What do you think would happen to your teeth and breath if you stopped?" At first he looked at me with a puzzled face and then the light bulb turned on. I explained, fundamentals are like brushing your teeth. We brush our teeth every day if not twice a day to keep our teeth healthy and clean as well as our breath fresh. The moment you stop brushing you would see a change in color, freshness, and overall health. Not only would your teeth look dingy or dirty your breath would begin to stink. Fundamentals are the exact same.

No matter your level of play, fundamentals are the foundation of your craft and need to be cleaned, polished, and refreshed everyday. Whether its 5 minutes or an hour, they should be a part of your routine. (It's called PROCESS & HUMILITY!) The moment you feel you no longer need to focus or work on the basic fundamentals, your game and ability begins to look dingy and unpolished or even worse, it STINKS. The beauty of this is that all you have to do is pick up the brush. Make fundamentals essential to your athletic quest.


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